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About me | Roma Pijlman

Embodiment with a Martial Flavor,
Life & Business Coaching

Do you want to collaborate with the Tech Sensei? When we work together you get a combination of all experience I have. I am passionate about technology, martial arts and personal growth.

I have a MSc in Physics. I have more than 22 years experience in IT. 
I practise karate for more than 34 years which I also teach. I have been coaching startups for 8 years.

What I Offer


I offer coaching for tech startups or companies that implement technology. I have personal experience in creating a startup, growth as a company and coaching of talent. All this in a awsome mix of Embodiment, Life & Business Coaching.

IT Professional

I have more than 20 years experience as IT Professional. I have been in Management teams for big and small companies. Next to product development I have an in dept knowledge on team and company development.n

Martial Arts

I am a 2nd Dan Karate sensei. After more than 32 years, this has been a lifestyle and ethics engrained in my being. Working with and from the body is how I teach. In the last 15 years I have adopted my own style in Karate teaching.


The Embodiment Conference
14-25th October Online Embodiment Conference 202
1-2 Dec | Samurai Game Amsterdam
12-24 Nov | The Embodiment Conference 2018

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