The Embodiment Conference 2018


If you want to know what Embodiment is about, join us for the ONLINE Embodiment Conference 2018 – 10 days from the 12th to the 24th November.

Wednesday 14 November

Panel discussion: Martial arts for personal growth with Matt Hill, Mark Walsh, Roma Pijlman and Christina Dohr (Martial Arts)

10.00 AM (UK); 02.00 AM PST (los Angeles); 05.00 AM EST (New York); 11.00 AM CET (Berlin); 12.00 IST (Israel); 13.00 MSK (Moscow) 18.00 PWST (Perth) 21.00 AEDT (Sydney)

Sunday 18th November

Tim van der Vliet: Body Zen Workout

Breathing techniques to master the mind-body connection

8:00AM (UK); 00.00 AM PST (los Angeles); 03.00 AM EST (New York); 9.00 AM CET (Berlin); 10.00 AM IST (Israel); 11.00 AM MSK (Moscow) 16.00 PWST (Perth) 19.00 AEDT (Sydney)

Roma Pijlman: The tech sensei (Martial Arts)

Breath & Leadership – The Martial Way

12.00 PM (UK); 04.00 AM PST (Los Angeles) 07.00 AM EST (New York); 13.00 CET (Berlin); 14.00 IST (Israel); 15.00 MSK (Moscow); 20.00 PWST (Perth); 23.00 AEDT (Sydney)