The Embodiment Conference 2020

Martial & Healing Arts

I’m proud to announce I am participating in TEC 2020 as speaker and staff member of the Martial Arts & Healing Track.

If you want to know what Embodiment is about, join us for the ONLINE Embodiment Conference 2020 – 10 days from the 14th – 25th October 2020, Online

Tuesday, 20th Oct

Panel: Women in the Martial Arts

10 pm UK time

Malory Graham Aikido instructor, film maker, and media instructor, USA

Georgia VerryMartial Artist, Exercise Scientist, & Podcaster. Australia

Roma Pijlman Karate Instructor, Coach Karate Team, Life & Business Coach. Netherlands

Daniela Welzel Aikido

Monday, 19th Oct

Be Badass in a Few Easy Steps

10 pm UK time

Bring a partner so you can get the most out of this session.
Instantly be stronger without power exercises. A gentle exploration into the quality of the body, although it may look the same, be better. How to react appropriately, recognition of danger and how you can train your spider sense outside of the dojo. Explore with me what it means to be a warrior in modern times.
Rewatch the session

Wednesday, 14th Oct

Channel Orientation for the Conference

10 pm UK time